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Rev. Simon is a Registered Medium with Lily Dale, the World's largest Center for the Religion of Spiritualism.


Simon Caudullo is an ordinated Spiritualist Minister, Healer & Teacher. 


Simon is a former Benedictine Monk & has spent most of his life in the Social Work Field.  He has worked as an alcoholism Counselor, Psych Counselor, Director of a Senior Program & as a Supervisor for a probation home.  Simon has also worked with Catholic Charities as the Director to a group home for the mentally & emotionally challenged adults.


After leaving the social work field, Simon became the founding director & manager for the Beverly Hills Ballet Company, Southampton Ballet Company and The Conservatory of Danse with his partner, Aras Ames.


Simon is a born medium. Early in life he thought everyone could hear spirit & has spent many years cultivating his gifts.  He is a graduate of the School of Spiritual Healing & Prophecy at Fellowship of the Spirit, in Lily Dale. 


Simon's readings combine his spritiuality & intuitive gifts, making his connection with loved ones always about healing. Always offering evidence that life continues after what we called death.  

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