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                                                                                     Mentorship programs 
                                                                          Psychic Development or Mediumship Development
We are all psychic - do you sense energy?  Do you have sense things before they happen or do your dreams come true?  Do you feel other people's feelings? Do you sense unseen others in the rooms?
Sometimes called sixth sense, a hunch, a nagging feeling or a  'gut'  feeling.  Everyone of us have had them.  We are all psychic,  born this way but a lot happens during our early years to cover up our intuitive gifts.  When we open ourselves up we can make a big difference in our lives.  
The past several years I have been helping others hone their skills learning the language of spirit.
Mentoring is a relationship that is both professional and personal in it's development. Mentoring is a long term (based on your decision) that is a process based on mutual trust and respect.  Creating an informal relationship of consultanting, counseloring (listening) and constructive feedback with advice.  Providing support and enthusiasm for the student. 
Shared experiences, knowledge and advice are just some of the areas to help to develop more  effectively, build confidence and support.  With mentorship there will be  guidance when practicing new techniques to connect with spirit. 
The first session will be an evaluation to identify how you receive information, your comfort and  your level of awareness.  We discuss any problem areas you are having, what you would like to work on and what purpose would you like to achieve.   If you want to just be more psychic aware or develop your mediumist abilities. 
All sessions for those wishing to better develop their psychic self will be designed by creating a foundation needed to quiet your mind, raise your vibration and start to open and listen to your psychic self. 
  • improve communication skills with spirit
  • develop deeper connection with spirit
  • reinforce your study skills and knowledge
  • increase your confidence
  • psychic vs mediumship
  • evidential mediumship
  • private readings
  • mediumship in public platform
  • understand symbols
  • empathic gifts
       develop clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance
It does not matter if you are just starting your journey with spirit or someone who has a professional practice, we can work together in your development. 
I believe we can tailor your mentorship program to meet your individual needs.  Our time together will be a mix of practical strategies and looking within for your journey ahead with spirit.  
Four sessions of 30 minutes either phone or in person is $185. (46.25 per session) . or put two half hours sessions together, it's up to you and your wants and needs.    So you have some choices of how you want to learn.  I will tailor a program that you will get the most out of to help you on your journey of finding you through mediumship.  
Payment can be made on the payment session on the last page , and needs to be made at the beginning of the four sessions.  If after one session you do not wish to continue the remaining money will be refunded.
We can schedule each session at the beginning of the four sessions for the month,  based on both of our availability, evenings and weekends are open.  If there becomes a need to reschedule a session I would ask for a 24 hour notice.  Please feel free to phone to discuss your interest or questions before signing up.   After your four sessions you can choose to drop out without a problem.  I am limiting the number of students I take and it will be based on a first come basis.  Call today to set up your first sessions.
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