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What is a reading and what to expect.

A reading is a three way conversion with the medium, (me) the client, (you) and Spirit.   It is important that you are open and active in this conversation.  I always encourage clients to ask any question that might come up during the reading as well as saying I don't understand what you are giving me.  

Validation is an important part of spirit communication and can come in many forms.  Sometimes the love one will  describe their personality and what they were like in life or how they treated you, the sitter. Sometimes they will give how they passed or what is happening right now in your life.   Information that only they and you, the sitter would know and understand.  

This communication can happen in various ways for me, I am clairvoyant (clear seeing) clairsentient (inner sense of feeling), clairaudient (the inner sense of hearing) and a general sense of knowing.  I use all of these to connect with Spirit raising my vibrational level to theirs.  the information I give comes from the Spirit World and not from me, I am just the post man delivering the messages as I understand them.  Spirit operates on a higher level they can see things coming for us down the road, often very helpful, but each of us has free will so the choice is always ours.  I never give anything that would be negative and you can forget about lotto numbers.  

Readings are about both healing and evidence that our loved ones have not die.  We are made of energy and we know that energy can never die it simply changes form.  As the French philosopher and Jesuit priest has said, " We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

So I hope this was helpful in explaining what a session is about and how and what to expect.  Bring your questions, your photos,  curiosity and doubts, but leave your fears at the door.  I wish you peace that comes from trust and knowledge that your loved are with you always.

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