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I texted Simon when my heart was full of pain. I felt immediate relief and sensed that he had heard me then he texted back immediately. The effect was quite shocking in the best way.

When our reading began it was clear that directness is his way and he sailed into a connection with my grandfather who died on Halloween decades ago. Simon said, “Father figure” and “smoking” and “a cane”. Yes this was not my father, (he wasn’t even fatherly, he was inconsiderate and cruel.) So Simon brought to me an only relative who ever genuinely cared for me and the healing became a great thing. I wept through most of it after gasping for joy when he said “Gracie” who is my rescue Great Pyrenees mutt who previously spent her entire life on a chain. Simon said “she is like a therapy dog to you”. I have wondered if having her is right, I will never wonder that again. So many questions and deep, deep conflicts were addressed by him, including the nature of my father. I am still full of light and wonder at this reading as it was so incredibly wise and healing.

This 1/2 hour spent was like gold.  There is a permanent change in my soul from receiving the earnest and loving grandpa who I needed to hear from. Why I cannot hear him speak in such clarity is a mystery but since then I “see” him and feel his care and guidance. The many years I spent seeking psychological help from clinical practitioners were utterly worthless in contrast to this exceptionally gifted man who lives far away and whom I have never met.

I still sense the winds of heaven dancing with me from this half hour which fed my being so fully and exceeded even the highest hopes for connection and insight. He is a humble and gorgeous angel. All gratitude.



“His message work is excellent.  Never generic or fishing for information from those he was reading.”


"I have had two readings with Simon.  He is a talented psychic medium with a true gift.  As a client, I started my first reading with an open mind about what I would experience.  From the first moment, I felt a warm energy embrace me and I felt instantly comfortable with Simon.  During my reading, Simon metaphorically walked beside me in order to provide guidance and information.  I have had readings with other mediums and have never experienced that sense of calm and spiritual connection before.   I experienced that sense of calm. Nor have I experienced the type of strong confirmations and reflections that come during and after my reading with Simon.  His reading and confirmation points were directly on point. During my second reading, I was expecting a reading that was totally independent of my first.  Instead, I received a reading that further built on the first using by more nuanced references and messages that were very specific and honest.  And the same feeling of calm connection was there again.  I am so happy to have found Simon.  I look forward to many more readings.

"The best session I have had in a LONG time.  A wonderful validation."

"Very enlightening reading. I feel a renewed hope and better sense of self."

"A calming peace has commoner me - my understanding is deeper and I have things to work on and to look forward to."

"Thank you so much for giving me my parents back for a moment."

"Thank you so much for being able to bring my parents forward and clearing up some things."

"What an amazing experience.  The clarity I've received on my issues is phenomenal.  I feel as though I can now move forward fearlessly with confidence and peace."

"What an incredible experience thank you for your channeling it has been a true gift and I'm so thankful."  Thank you 

"Thank you so much for a wonderful session!  I love how you bring prayer into the meeting.  You are gifted.  It was wonderful to hear from my grandma and grandpa!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.  The first word you said was the word that I needed to hear and I am so grateful!"

"The very last thing said in my session touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  It all made sense - but that last sentence was profound - thank you!"


“Just everything (it was wonderful, helpful and emotional).  Right on! Sensitive, emotional and just fulfilling every aspect.  Made my heart happy and guided me in the right directions.”


Hi Simon, 

I thought I would just drop you a note to say Hello and thank you.   I know group readings are short and sweet but I wanted to let you know that one of the messages you gave me from my mother-in-law gave me a lot of peace.  It was something I was over-analzying and worrying about and she told me to stop worrying about moving all the pieces around and being in control.  Straight to the point.  I took that advice to heart about the specific situation I knew she was referring to and my herat lightened considerably.  I totally just let it go.  I still miss her terribly and wish I could still see her in her physical form, but it just goes to show that her advice will always be right on point for me, no matter what form she is.

"My first reading!  Really solidified my life and all that I am doing!  Thank you.

"Thank you so very much - lightened my heart; made my soul happy."

"This was my first time ever here and this was the best experience ever I finally have answers I've been seeking."

"My first reading!  I can say that this has changed my view on life.  It's so powerful to be able to experience this session.  I can't thank you enough!"

"Thank you so much for letting me talk to the people in my life who have passed.  I won't forget this!  Thanks.

"My thanks to you for connecting me to the ones who taught me love, compassion, understanding and humor.  God bless."

"I am so appreciative of your channeling of my Dad through you.  I value the information and lessons learned."

"Thank you for letting me visit with my grandma's today.  I miss them both very much.  Hoping to understand deeper their messages and looking forward to the future." 

"Dearest Simon, thank you and your beautiful gift as the ways you knew about the people I loved and about my husbands journey ahead.  As I set for my new adventures the blessings you gave for continuing on that path."

"the very last thing said in my session touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  It all made sense - but that last sentence was profound - thank you."

"What an amazing experience.  The clarity I've received on  my issues is phenomenal.  I feel as though I can now move forward fearlessly with confidence and peace."  


“The message confirmed what I am currently on a path that I want to be.  Message that was delivered was done without bias and in a compassionate manner.  I was very comfortable and enjoyed the experience.”



“During the message he went step-by-step, (I knew he was asking spirit for more), then he moved on smoothly.  At the one point that I hesitated about the word he used - I thought it was a stereotypical assumption; and yet as I continued to reflect on it, I finally realized another meaning of the word, which then suddenly I understand and so the entire message was absolutely accurate.”



 “I just want to thank you once again for an amazing reading today.  Spot on and what I needed to hear.  Much to contemplate.  I do feel it has answered many questions I have had of late though.  Thank you so very much!”



“My friend was just saying the other day how your speaking with her has helped her get through this nightmare, which is not over yet.  You hooking her up with her grandmother has been a gift beyond measure.  You told her things that her mother had told her about her grandmother many years ago,  No one else could have known.”

“A young member of my family went down to the ocean for a morning swim before heading to work, which was his daily routine. This young man was an excellent swimmer having lived in the beach community his entire life.  That morning his body washed up on shore and to say our family was reeling from the shock would be an understatement.  Leaving behind an infant son, toddler daughter, distraught young wife and devastated family with questions of how could this have possibly happened?  I reached out to Simon over the phone.  Immediately he said to me he felt my cousin step in and there was a tightness in his chest and said he felt it was a heart attack.  He also said it was quick and when my cousin realized what was happening his final thoughts were of his children.  Simon never met any of my cousins and would have no knowledge of this young man or the fact he even had children.  The autopsy results came back a few weeks later and in fact he had suffered a massive heart attack.”




“Over the past few years Simon has given me many more readings all of which leave me with gifts of love and information from the other side which have been invaluable to me.  I am always so impressed how he nails the personalities of those who he is telling me about,  people from my past he has never met.  There is never a question of the validity as to who he is hearing from as he describes them so well. “

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